Demium Games Academy

Demium Games Academy is an initiative for those who want to train and undertake a video game studio from a business perspective. This project arises to provide knowledge about business and investment to small video game studios through workshops and courses where subjects on marketing, management and business strategy will be taught.

Who is it for?

To all those people who want to work in a video game studio as CEO, CMO, Producer, Product Manager and other roles with business responsibility.


Demium Games is committed to an education based on putting into practice the knowledge learned in the theoretical classes. In addition to the completion of a final project that will be developed throughout the course with the support of the tutors / mentors.

Coworking space

All the students will be able to enjoy the coworking space in which Demium Games is located during the course period. In it they will have the possibility of establishing synergies with their colleagues, as well as with professionals from different industries.

Counseling and Mentoring

Students will be able to meet with Demium Games mentors, beyond the classes, to deepen the concepts in which they have doubts and enrich their learning.


The workshops last twelve hours and are specific to a specific knowledge area.

Registration open for June 2018 and July 2018 !

If you would like to register, have questions or just want more information, you can write to sonia [@]

Workshop price: € 249


The courses last two months. They are structured in two theoretical / practical sessions of 3 hours a week (48 hours). The content base corresponding to the four modules of the workshops is taught and deepened into them. The students will also carry out their video game study project.

Marketing plan

  • Mobile market
  • Business models
  • Strategic planning
  • Growth strategies
  • Soft launch methodology
  • ASO & User Acquisition
  • Game Pitch

Production and Development Plan

  • F2P design
  • GDD: Game Design Document
  • Development Pipeline
  • SCRUM methodology


  • leadership and team management
  • Corporate culture
  • What to look for in an entrepreneurial team?
  • Selection of competencies
  • Animation and personal development

Financial and Investment Plan

  • Datasheet Workshop
  • Business Plan
  • Creation of financial model
  • Metrics and KPIs. Scorecard
  • Financing for Startups
  • Partners agreement

Next course: September-October 2018

Course price: € 1,000

* If you register before 6/1/2018 you will get a 20% discount on the price of the course

If you would like to register, have questions or just want more information, you can write to sonia [@]